Amanda Brown

I was not happy with my body.....

I knew I was unhealthy and decided I needed to make a changes in my life. Since starting B-FIT, I have gotten past my goals and motivated to set higher goals for myself. I am getting results I have never expected to be able to achieve. I love everything about the programs...seeing other members success along with positive reinforcement help keep me on track. If you are on the fence about joining B-FIT  I would say Don't be afraid of positive change. When you follow the program, change happens! Be patient and embrace the journey!


Lauren Alexander

The reason I started working out is because I am a mother of 2 and was overwhelmed while battling postpartum depression. My friend mentioned that making time for myself would be helpful in my recovery so the next day I joined B-FIT. That became my  "me " time and my stress relief.

I was a queen of the YO-YO diet. Doing extreme diets in which I lost weigh BUT gained it all back plus more. I have lost 17 lbs but I am so much stronger and feel so much better about myself and I enjoy working out. What I love best about B-FIT is the variety of people in each class. We may be at different fitnss levels but we are all supportive of each other. All the trainers are awesome and keep things different so it's never boring. If you are on the fence about joining I would say..YOU DESERVE IT..YOU ARE WORTH IT and you can do anything if you just try!


Danny Page

​I decided to start boot camp because....

I knew at my age if I did'nt change my ways that I would'nt be around to wathc my children grow up. I have lost 30 lbs and I have noticed a huge increase in my strength. What I like best about B-FIT Boot Camps is when I get discouraged or just don't wnat to be at the gym, the trainers always give me the push I need. IF you are the fencing about joining B-FIT, I would say jump the fence and start your journey with the B-FIT famliy. If you follow the guidlines and put in the work, you will not fail. This isn't only a gym, this is a family that supports each other!


Mayra Frayre

Dewaldt Minnaar

I lost 66 lbs in 16 weeks and placed 2nd in two separate classes!

Kaz King

I saw myself getting to a point fo no return.....

My breathing was getting bad and the light popped on that .."I've got to make a change soon if I'm going to be able to live more years". Since starting at B-FIT, I have had several physical changes such as being able to bend over more, breathe easier, and no more pain in my knees. Not to mention, losing over 40 lbs. What I like best about B-FIT is that the group atmosphere brings alot fo fun and motivation to the workout. It's nice being able to to call Johnny anytime of the day with questions and he answers/responds every time. If you are on the fence about joining B-FIT, I am going to tell that it will be the best decision you would ever make. It not only changes lives, but also saves lives. I'm now more health conscious and well on my way to acheiving my fitness goals. Don't wait  another day. Start now! I promise you won't be dissappointed! B-FIT or B-FAT!


Amy Chapman

My boys were the reason I decided to start a program.....

I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and they are both very active. All of the weight I had gained during my last pregnancy really had an effect on just how much I could do with them. I couldn't easily get donw on the floor to play with them, and when I did try, my knees would immediately begin to hurt. When chasing them around, or even carrying them, I would get tired so quickly...the list goes on. I was so dissappointed in myself because I felt my boys deserved better. I needed to change for them. Since starting B-FIT, I have lost 22 lbs and 12 inches. I have seen great improvment inmy endurance and strengths, and even the way I appproach my meals ( which is a BIG challenge). These changes have all the difference! I feel so much better, my clothes fit better and most importantly, my boys have a hard time with me now! And a true statement is being able to hold a 4 year ol during an entire Pentecostal song service.....That happened:) To me, the time and effort that a trainer puyts into your program is just as important  as how much time and effort you, the trainee, put in to the program. Let me tell you, my trainer is committed! Each class is always challenging ( to say the least) and he is right there to puch you to your limits. He wants to see improvements just as much as you do, and that right there is what makes the program at B-FIT so great! The transition has not been easy, by any means, but has most definately been worth it. You will be pushed and you will be held accountable, but you WILL see results!


Kenya Francis

Jason Bettis

I lost 50 lbs in 6 months working out 3x/ week with Johnny.


22 #'s lost 21 inches lost and  I feel amazing!

In this journey called life we all go through body changes.  As many I had let myself get to a place I never wanted to see myself go.  I mad a decision and was ready to make changes.  Stress eating, weight gain, family health problems...Yes, Yes and Yes.  I was ready to lose weight and feel great again.  22 pounds lighter and 21 inches gone which equivalates to a 3.2% reduction in body fat and 13.4 pounds of pure fat gone....I sleep better and have more energy and I am still going strong here at B-FIT.  The best part about my program is that I am on a set schedule, but the routines change all the time.  Never a dull moment in my class. If you are looking for a program or on the fence about starting a NEW Amazing journey in your life...just know that to achieve your goals you will have to make a decision and go for it.  YES, you can make better food choices, YES, you can make this lifestyle change.  Why wouldn't you want to?  NO, you don't have to binge just decide to start making better choices for your life benefits!  


Liani Ward

Lost 23 lbs and 6% Bodyfat in 4 Months!

I had decided to start a program because I had put on a lot of weight and didn't like how I looked or felt. Even though I knew I needed to get serious about sticking to a program to help me acheive my goals, I was still unsuccessful in previous workout classes and lacked motivation.Then I came to B-FIT and everything changed..the people,...the classes..and the trainers. It all just clicked instantly for me. Since starting 4 months ago, I am now stronger, healthier, and happier. I have gained confidence, endurance and motivation. I have slimmed down and lost bodyfat and replacing it with muscle I didn't know I had. Toning my body was a bid goal of mine that I am finally achieving. Weight lifting and eating right is a part of me and I love it! What I like best about B-FIT is the people...they are wonderful and we have a great connection. We push and lift each other up with positive attitudes. Having a trainer is thebest because he comes up with daily workouts and pin point different muslce groups each time. I work out harder and learn with a trainer. Joining B-FIT could be the best thing you will do for yourself. It was for me. You have to give it a try! The trainers provide awesome workouts!


Joe Barrera

I was tired of being over weight and unhealthy....

I started working out because I knew that I needed to make a change. Between high blodd pressure medication and diabetes medications, I was taking around 20 pill per day. The first year of training at B-FIT, I didnt lose much weight BUT i wasnt going to stop. I had a goal I wanted to acheive becaue not only did I need to take better care of myslef, my family needed me to be around for them. After about 1 year, I went to the doctor and he started taking me off medications. Once that happened, the weight just started falling off. I attend boot camps 5-6 days per week and sometime even 2 times a day. I have become addicted to working out and challenging myself everyday. Not only do I feel better and have more energy, I am do a lot of things I could'nt do before the weight loss. My long term goal is to get down to 200 lbs. I know its going to take time, but I am not giving up! For those who are the fence about joining a program at B-FIT....What are you waiting for? It was the best decision that I could have ever made!


Kale Liles

Kale came to us about 4-5 months ago with a goal to lose some weight for an opportunity to improve his future.....

He does personal training 5 days per week AND take the recommended supplements to assist with his nutritional needs. As we all know nutrition plays a big role in getting the results that you want to achieve. Kale new it was going to take more than nutrition so he started on AdvoCare Supplements to assist in his nutritional imbalances. Unfortunately we are unable to get key nutrients from our foods so it's important to supplement what we aren’t getting such as multivitamins, fiber, meal replacement shakes and some Spark to keep him energized. To date he is 40 lbs. down with goals to be down 50 lbs. by the end of January. Kale knew realistically what it was going to take to achieve these goals and he knew there was no "quick fix", just hard work and proper nutrition! AdvoCare has changed his life in more than 1 way because he knew he was investing in his health and his future!


Keisha Morris

I was having major issues with my back after surgery.....

I was in constant pain, was'nt sleeping at night and nothing I tried worked including physical therapy. Since joining B-FIT I have become a lot stronger. I'm actually sleeping through the night and I am more active at work and my personal life. The best part of having a trainer is the opportunity to sit down with an individual who seems to have you best interest at heart is amazing.  There is no push to sell products or pressure to anything outside of what is needed to accomplis your goals and because of this, accountability is instilled in the individual seeking help. While going through this program I arrived at a place where I felt that I owed it not only to myself to succeed but to my trainer for the time and patience he put into seeing me through some uphill battles. I have to see it this way because I haven't always put myself first and it's taking some time for me to get use to doing so. At this rate it won't be long before that happens. If you are on the fence about joining I would say..It's not just about the weight loss for sure. You will definatly find out some things that you did not know wabout yourself in the process. As crazy as it sounds, I've done as much emotional healing as I have physically.


Asheley Smith

I decided to join B-FIT because I was not pleased by the way I looked. I was out of control and I knew I need to make a change.

I decided to join B-FIT because I was not pleased by the way I looked. I was out of control and I knew I need to make a change. A friend of mine forwarded information to on B-FIT and I thought I would give it a shot. I am so glad that I joined B-FIT . Since joining I have lost 26lbs , 10 inches and 2 dress sizes and ......I'm still going. I have learned to make healthier food choices along with proper exercise. With my busy schedule of juggling my family and job, B-FIT offers classes that work for me. Garrett, Justin, and Johnny work with you to help you meet your specific goals! If you are thinking about joining the B-FIT family...I say DO IT! You will wish you would have joined yesterday. The only thing you will lose are pounds and inches



Lost 8 lbs and dropped 7% body fat in only 4 months

I was struggling to maintain the energy and endurance levels needed to handle 1 yr old toddlers and 8 yr old son ( on top of all the other daily demands on life). I can now easily hold and carry both of my 27 lb twins at the same time, run and play hours on end with them and never have to worry about what I will wear for the day because everything fits! I love the guidance I get on form and the ability of my trainer to know and push my limits so that I am able to achieve new personal bests. The other thing that I love is the commaradory and positive reinforcement that comes in the group atmosphere. You will be amazed at the physical and mental changes you can accomplish if you follow their simple program! I have never felt better or been happier in my whole life!


Susan Alexander

Lost 15 lbs of body fat!

I decided to join B-FIT because I have always have had love for fitness. I was at a low point in life- mentally and physically when I got an email from Johnny. I had just had a total hysterectomy and started gaining weight. I knew Johnny and his accomplishments and called to come see him and I have never looked back. I FINALLY DID UNASSISTED PULLUPS!! I am the most fit now than ever. I can lift more than ever and more motivation than ever. I love the accountability and personalized training along with the meal plans. I feel like I have finally found my gym family and home. I would tell anyone that is on the fence about joining to JUST DO IT!!.


Stacey Willingham

I started working out else where but I wasn't seeing any results!

There wasn't any accountability or encouragement to better myself. I knew if I didn't change my habits I was just going to get bigger. I also wanted to be a better influence on my 2 boys. Since starting at B-FIT I have seen so many results physically and mentally! I have lost 15 lbs and 6.7% body fat while increasing lean muscle by 10 lbs. I am definitely stronger and more lean. I fit back into my clothes I wore before my 1 st child. That was a huge accomplishment for me! Overall, I have more energy, stamina, strength and a lot smarter about my eating habits. I love that my trainer addresses the whole aspect of losing weight and becoming stronger. He provides one one one nutrition coaching, supplement education, and physical training. The nutritional and supplement side can be so confusing but I don't have to worry about that. I just follow the WHOLE program and get results. I also love the accountability and support I get from my trainer. It's like no other! For anyone who is on the fence about joining B-FIT, this is the place if you are ready for results! With all the knowledge and support that B-FIT offers, there is no way that you can fail. When you join, you are joining a family, that's the best part! B-FIT changes lives and are very committed to your health and fitness!


Karena McElhaney

I have lost 19 lbs and 8% body fat.....

I decided to join because I have some baby weight that I needed to lose. I have lost 20 lbs and 8% bodyfat. What I like about B-FIT is having a class to work out with because it motivates me to come everyday and work harder. Having a trainer to you push you makes you work harder and they insure you are doing everthing correctly. If you are on the fence oabout joining, I would say it's wll worth it!! You will see results!!!


Tami Chapman

I have struggled with my weight for the past 15 years, trying several diet programs, but non that successfully kept the weight off.

I would always end up gaining more weight that I had orginally lost. My doctor told me I needed to make a drastic change in order to avoid being put on medications to control my cholesterol and blood pressure. With high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart attack on both sides of my family and I knew I was doomed if I did'nt follow the doctors orders. I wanted to be healthy for myself, but also for my family and two young kids. I have joined gyms in the past and have had some success, but nothing consistent, so I knew I needed something with accountability, other than to myself. I have lost 22lbs, over 16 inches, and 5% bodyfat since March! I am amazed at the progress I have made in just a few short months. Every time I look in the mirror,  I see less and less fat and more of what my body should look like. I have gotten stronger all together, but it was especially helped strengthen my lower back, where I'm not having extreme pain every day like before. With the clean eating and exercise program, I have noticed I'm not getting sick all of the time like I use to. I love everything about B-FIT but the accountability is a must for me since it helps keep me on track.  But the one on one nutrition consultations have been a crucial part of my success this far. I have past injuries that have hindered me from successful workout program that the trainers have helped me work around. I have found to actually know what they are talking about:) If you are the fence about joining B-FIT I would say the only regret you will have is not doing it SOONER! This has been the closest to reaching my goals and I am more determined that ever, thanks to the B-FIT family!



Terrance Perry

I decided to do my first competition....

I had been working and thought I was eating correctly but still stuck in a rut at 240. That's when I decided to ask for help from Johnny. He put me a meal plan together and help me understand  what I was doing wrong in the gym. I started seeing progress immediately. Not only did he help me with that but staying motivated  through the whole process with positive renforcement.  Not only did I met my goals I exceeded them, and stepped on stage in less than six months losing 55lbs. No excuses full time dad, 90 hr work weeks.


Anna Melton

I have always been a small person and after having my daughter, the weight did not fall off the way I always imagined it would. 6 months after she was born I went back to school and was working full time and before I knew it I weighed almost the same as I did 9 months pregnant. I was going to work early in the morning, going to school in the afternoons and evenings, and trying to keep my family happy and healthy. My weight kept rising. I knew it was time for change. I signed up with B Fit in February when I had had it. I was about to buy the next size up in jeans and I said No!

I have always been a small person and after having my daughter, the weight did not fall off the way I always imagined it would. 6 months after she was born I went back to school and was working full time and before I knew it I weighed almost the same as I did 9 months pregnant. I was going to work early in the morning, going to school in the afternoons and evenings, and trying to keep my family happy and healthy. My weight kept rising. I knew it was time for change. I signed up with B Fit in Februrary when I had had it. I was about to buy the next size up in jeans and I said No! Since starting B Fit the first thing I noticed was an increase in my endurance. I ran a 5k 1 month after starting and ran it really well. It was at that 5k that my mother noted that I was shrinking. That was motivation! It's now been 5 months and I feel proud! Proud of the way my body is changing, proud of my strength, proud of the pounds, inches, and body fat lost. I just feel proud! I love that even though I do group training I never feel lost in the mix. It doesn't matter which trainer it is that day, they pay attention to you and what you are doing. It does not matter if there are 2 or 20 people in the class, you get focused on and pushed. If you are on the fence about joining the program, Do it. You will not regret it. I have pretty much gone 5 days a week for 5 months and I do not regret a single day. It is the best and most important commitment you can make to yourself. You will not regret it!



Lost 100l bs!

After losing some weight I decided that I needed a program to start firming up and building strength.  One of my friends was a client here at B-FIT and she had convinced me to come try it out with her.  I am so glad that I came and gave it a try.  I have lost more weight, lost inches and have built up my strength.  I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been.  The best part about my program is that I always have a trainer pushing me and holding me responsible.  I am accountable to my trainer and  myself.  I'm more willing to get up and come work out knowing that someone is expecting me to show up. If you are considering starting a program, I highly recommend that you just DO IT!  You won't regret it!  Invest in yourself.  Being healthy is a lifestyle change.


Sherry Loomis

I've been doing half marathons and triathalons since 2011 and I've constantly had an injury or something hurting. I've never done much strength and conditioninig so I thought B-FIT wouyld help me to be overall fit and decrease the injuries I would have in the future

My overall strength has increase. I now can do push ups correctly on my toes. I am alot stronger overall. My body fat percentage is donw 14%. I've accomplished these results even after finding out I have a stress fracture, a completley torn ACL and tear in my meniscus. What I like best about the program is these are fun and motivating. The trainers are great about encouraging  you plus they have helped me modify some of the exercisesso I caould still participate with my injuires. Everyone in the class is encouraging and friendly. They welcome you in which makes working out FUN! IF you are are on the fence about joining B-FIT that it's not just about working out. B-FIT helps you transform your life by giving you the tools to improve your quality of life, encouragement to get stronger, eat right and enjoy life. You'll also meet a bunch on people who support you so you can reach your goals!


Angie Ramsey

Angie has lost over 100 lbs!

Angie has been working out with us for about a year and half. She has been workoing her butt off and it shows. She has come along way and is still setting new goals. She has now lost over 100 lbs! It can be done!



I made a decision that I wanted and needed to start a fitness program...

In 2007 I was a multi - record holding state champion.  Over the years without sports I made poor decisions and chose a poor lifestyle.  Obesity runs on both sides of my family and I had always told myself that would not be me.  Needless to was and it happened to me.  In September 2012 I saw a picture and almost didn't recognize myself.  I knew I had to make a change. I have gone from 196 pounds in January 2013 to 146 pounds in January 2014...50 pounds of fat lost.  I am currently weighing in at 162 pounds with 8.8% body fat.  I love having my athletic body back!!!! The best part about this program is always having a trainer within reach.  The group atmosphere,  being able to help and be helped.  I push myself as hard as I possibly can and hopefully my dedication will inspire someone else to take the next step in their own fitness journey. If you are on the fence about joining in with B-FIT, I personally challenge you to get through one workout without knowing for sure that you are in the right place.  The group and the people involved in the program have created an atmosphere that is judgement free, uplifting, and motivational.  We all work together and push each other towards one common goal, to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Come join our family!  


Dru Wahl

Lost  15 lbs and 12 inches!

Shirley Marsh

I needed a gym or some type of workout program since having gastric bypass in September 2010.

My weight started to return, so I knew exercise is very important. I have lost another 20 lbs over the last 3 months, toned up. and I am stronger. I have learned the correct way to exercise without hurting continuously. I dreaded exercising because of the pain. The best thing about B-FIT is that the trainers really do care about you. I have struggled with my weight all of my life and this is the first program that the staff really cared about my health and results. If you are on the fence about joining, take the leap of faith. I am in my 60's  and I feel great, better than I ever have in my life. The staff participates with nutrtion program and exercise program. I love the group training because everyone helps each other for their milestones. You will not regretit. P.S. I still work full time 12 hour shifts and I have alot more energy!


Brandon Terry

I've always loved being fit, due to my early years of competing in track and field.

I began to lift weights and gained 50lbs in 4 years. A lot was muscle but a lot was also fat. I stayed 215-225 for the next 10+ years. I wanted to trim down to about 200 lbs and get more fit, so I decided to get with a trainer and workout toward that goal. Before getting the trainer I was convinced by a close friend that I had the physique to get on stage. So, I made up my mind and became 100% committed to being ready for a show. My results have been unbelievable, I was 240lbs and after my program I was down to 185lbs. I competed in first Physique show, and won first place in my division. The meal plan was an integral part of my fitness success. Having a personal trainer was key, because it held me accountable to stick with my plan so I could achieve the goals I set to accomplish. If you are on the fence, get off of it. As long as you stay on the fence you'll never achieve the body or reach the fitness level you're wanting to have. Get off the fence and challenge yourself to achieve the goals you are wishing you could achieve. Stop wishing and procrastinating, and transform your body into the body YOU WANT!!


Michelle Chism

I decided to join Bfit after gaining over 20 pounds when I went back to college. After graduating, I joined a local gym and tried to do it on my own, but failed continuously. I knew I needed help. I joined Bfit on a six weeks trial period and was hooked after the first week.

I’ve always thought that since I’m over 40, there would be certain things I would be limited to, as far as fitness was concerned. Since joining Bfit, I’ve lost over 20 pounds and gained more lean muscle than I ever thought I could. My endurance has increased tremendously and I’m now running in competitive races!  The trainers have taught me that it’s all about what you put into your workouts and pushing your body to the limit each and every day.  The workouts are always different and challenging, and the team and partner workouts are competitive but fun.   I’ve not only learned the correct way of performing each exercise, but I’ve also learned how nutrition plays a huge part in my success in fitness.  On several occasions, I’ve either texted Johnny, or stopped Brandi in the gym to ask nutritional questions, and they’ve always took the time to explain their answers and reasons behind what they believe.  I like having trainers who are so knowledgeable, and who don’t mind sharing their own fitness journeys. The best part about Bfit would have to be the atmosphere.  Everyone is so friendly and although we are all working hard to accomplish our own personal goals, we love to laugh, encourage, and push each other daily. So if you’re tired of not feeling and/or looking your best, and want a lifestyle change, not a quick-fix, then come join our Bfit family!!  You will not regret it as you notice yourself getting stronger and your body changing, all while accomplishing things you never thought you could! Give Bfit a try!


Tara Bailey

I had a friend that was attending B-FIT and noticed her results and wanted to try it out. I had a 2 week free trial and LOVED it. I have tried every other type of diet/workout and nothing would work.

I have lost 53 lbs and went from a size 20 to a 12/14. I like the fact that no one judges you and everyone there is willing to help and encourage you. The trainers are very personable. B-FIT is a family and they are always there to lift you up, to motivate you, and if needed, to cry with you. If you are on the fence about joining, B-FIT is not like other gyms. B-FIT is a place you can go workout with a group of people that are having the same issues as you are or you can workout one on one with a trainer if you do not feel comfortable with a group.