We focus on high intensity interval training that allows us to raise your heart rate up and burn as much body fat as possible. The B-Fit Bootcamp is great for clients of all ages and skill level with the best trainers in East Texas constantly pushing each person to reach of their individual goals. If you are looking for a fun group environment this is for you!

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Classes offer a fun group training atmosphere that allows clients to reach all of their individual goals. These group training classes focus on strength training with an emphasis in core and stability work as well.
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This class in guaranteed to get your heart rate up! Our goal is to burn as many calories as possible using body weight and lighter weight exercises to really feel the burn. Say goodbye to those boring workouts!
  • Reaching Goals

    Reach your goals in inches, body fat and weight loss

  • Train together

    Join a fun group training atmosphere

  • Burning fat

    Raise your heart rate up and burn as much body fat

  • Pushing you to be the best

    We will push you further to reach your individual goals


Brandon Terry

I've always loved being fit, due to my early years of competing in track and field....

Michelle Chism

I decided to join Bfit after gaining over 20 pounds when I went back to college. After graduating, I joined a local gym and tried to do it on my own, but failed continuously. I knew I needed help. I j...

Amanda Brown

I was not happy with my body........

Dewaldt Minnaar

I lost 66 lbs in 16 weeks and placed 2nd in two separate classes!...

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