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Nutrition is a big factor in your health and fitness goals, so why not come to the best in Tyler, Tx for your nutritional needs.

We offer one on one nutritional coaching with an emphasis in understanding what and how to eat clean on a daily basis.

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Your transformation starts here!
We build your perfect program tailored just for you.


The great thing about this program is the ability to sit down with our Nutritional Experts here at B-Fit Personal Training Studio to go over your food logs and make necessary improvements to help you reach your goals.
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As they say, you are what you eat. You want to be lean, then you have to eat clean!
  • Designed programs

    Our nutritional coaching designs your nutritional program around your individual goals

  • Achieve those goals

    We want you to achieve your goals and our coaching will you do that.

  • Nutritional coaching

    We know that workouts alone will not do the trick so we have added nutritional coaching to keep you on track!

  • Competition Prep

    Ready to get to a competition? Let me plan your prep for you! Follow the program and get ready to step on stage.


Kenya Francis


Stacey Willingham

I started working out else where but I wasn't seeing any results!...

Keisha Morris

I was having major issues with my back after surgery........

Glenn Davis

Four years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.........

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