Personal training is where it all started here at B-Fit in Tyler, TX. Our owner is one of the most sought out trainers in East Texas and has recruited some of the best up and coming trainers from the surrounding areas.

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Your transformation starts here!
We build your perfect program tailored just for you.


From toning up to competition ready programs look no more because you have found the trainers that are writing each workout for you and you only! These sessions are great for any skill level but also clients that wish to learn how to exercise without the possibility of feeling awkward around other people.
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Personal Training tailors to your individual needs in a non intimidating atmosphere.
  • Tailored sessions

    My Personal Training tailors to your individual needs and is based on your goals and needs.

  • Great for any skill level

    My personal Training is great for any skill level!

  • Focus on YOU

    Your trainer will focus on YOU and your individual goals.

  • One to One Attention

    If you want that one on one attention, then personal training is the way to go!


Ramon Williams


Amanda Brown

I was not happy with my body........

Kale Liles

Kale came to us about 4-5 months ago with a goal to lose some weight for an opportunity to improve his future........

Bethany Baber

I started a program at B-FIT Tyler because It was as simple as this: I was fed up....

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